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The Fusion of Fresh Ingredients Creates Unique Dishes

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It has been one cold spring! But our fruit trees are finally blooming, and the earth is warming up. A few of our favorite ingredients at Gideon Owen and Twin Oast are taking sprout and will soon be moved closer to the kitchen.


Inside the greenhouse, the plants are ready to go in the ground. The Shishito Peppers, one of our summer appetizers at Gideon Owen, have been planted in our cold hoop house for a month. But peppers like it hot to produce the fruits we need.

We’ve also planted Hungarian Hot Wax, Hot Orange Pepperoncini, and Jalapenos. You’ll notice that our jam is red – that’s because when we wait until the fall to harvest, most green and yellow peppers eventually turn red.

Our hot peppers are used to make the Lava Monster, a seasonal Twin Oast beer, and our pepper jam that is used on Gideon Owen’s Quinstock Spicy Pepper Burger.

Lettuces & Tomatoes

We also supplement both restaurants with Lettuce, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini and Yellow Squash when they’re ripe. So come on heat, let’s get going.

Chocolate Mint

The Chocolate Mint loves it in the hoop house, too. It gets a much earlier start as it does not mind the cool springs.

The Chocolate Mint will soon be moved to the Patio Deck for the chef to pick. It’s one of our secret ingredients in our Beet Salad. If you grow Mint, you know how invasive it is in the garden. We grow four different varieties of Mint, so we need to keep them separate.

I love planting the Mint in a large pot – it keeps it from spreading and you can easily split it when needed. If you have a place where the pot won’t freeze in the winter, like a garage, it should winter over fine, with a small drink two or three times in the winter season (don’t overwater a sleeping plant!).

We're looking forward to the summer season and can't wait for you to sample the upcoming NEW menu items at Gideon Owen and Twin Oast.


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