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Wine Tastings

48 different wines on tap    

It’s the room that welcomes you to our unique winery and opens your eyes and awakens your taste buds to new experiences. With luxurious velvet chairs, an intricate wood slatted ceiling, and warm, modern fireplace, the Tirage Wine Bar gives off a swanky, casual, sexy vibe. It’s a place you want to stay awhile with friends and enjoy the rich flavors of wine from all corners of the world.


We chose to the name Tirage to pay homage to the building’s history of making champagne. It was in this room and the adjacent Ballroom that Tirage, the process occurred starting 150 years ago.  


The highlight of the Tirage Wine Room is the ability to taste 48 wines from around the world. Of course, our Gideon Owen wines are among those available to taste at your own leisure.


Take your wine to the fireplace chair or outside to the Wine Garden. If you taste a wine you love, purchase a bottle from your server to open for dinner in the Chalet.

Curate a unique wine tasting experience every time you visit our Tirage Wine Room. Our Tirage Wine Room attendant is available to guide you to wines you like and can help personalize your experience. Cheers!

Create your wine adventure 

To provide you with a next level wine experience, we’ve introduced the latest technology out of Napa Valley, known as Napa Technology WineStations. These interactive, temperature-controlled stations line the walls of the Tirage Wine Bar and deliver the perfect pour of the wine of your choosing – a taste (1 oz), a half glass (3 oz), or a full glass (6 oz).


It’s the most approachable wine tasting experience and a risk-free way to discover your new favorite wine. 


Once you have “poured” your wine, argon gas is injected, preserving the freshness and flavor for the next guest to enjoy. It’s a revolutionary process to savor every drop.

Groundbreaking Technology  


En Tirage is history...

While winemaking is a long, slow process, the finished product is always well worth the wait. It starts with the planting and harvesting of the grapes, pressing, fermenting, aging the wine in barrels and tanks, and then blending, if desired. To create a sparkling wine or champagne, the wine is then prepared for secondary fermentation.


In this process, known as en tirage, a solution of sugar and yeast are added to the bottle of wine before it’s sealed. The yeast ferments the sugar, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. Since the gas has nowhere to escape, it dissolves into the wine creating the bubbles and fizz we all love.  Bottles rest for 12-36 months or longer. Winemakers refer to this process as “where the magic happens,” and that’s true of our Tirage Wine Bar at Gideon Owen.

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