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Holiday Market

This season, treat your whole family to old-world enchantment & modern-day fun! Join us for a delightful shopping experience, and find unique gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're on the hunt for handcrafted goods or festive treats, our market is the perfect place to kickstart your holiday season and take part in Christmas events. We look forward to seeing you there!


Dates of Operation:

November 24th to 26th

December 1st to 3rd

December 8th to 10th

Market Hours:

Fridays & Saturdays: Open from 12:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Sundays: Open from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Sierra Nicole Photography
Packer Creek Pottery
Thyme of day
Tiffany's Flower Shop
Tiffany's Flower Shop
Tiffany's Flower Shop
Garden Thyme
My Creations
Garden Thyme
Newport Clothing and Gear
Newport Clothing and Gear
Newport Clothing and Gear
Sub Rosa Tea
Sub Rosa Tea
Sub Rosa Tea
Haydens Christmas Shoppe
Haydens Christmas Shoppe
Missy's Apples and sweet treats
Village Roots
Village Roots
Village Roots
Erie & Anchor
Corner of My Heart
Strollin the Beach
Gideon Owen Wine Company
Gideon Owen Wine Company
Gideon Owen Wine Company
Hangin' With The Buoys
Hangin' With the Buoys
Hang' With the Buoys
Annie Dolly Boutique
Hometown Bakery
Northern Exposure
Northern Exposure
Northern Exposure
Cathy Wire Art Jewlery
Cathy Wire Art Jewlery
Cathy Wire Art Jewlery
Martha & Molly
Martha & Molly
Martha & Molly
Shari Rae Designs
Shari Rae Designs
Once Upon Confectionary
Michaels Confections
Michaels Confections
Michaels Confections
Crystal Moon
Crystal Moon
Beagle Bay Knots
Ohio Crafy Mama
Ohio Crafty Mama
Ohio Crafty mama
Moran Creative Minds
Moran Creative Minds
Moran Creative Minds
Cornaceae Design
BK Kreative
BK Kreative
The Cookie Jar
Cornaceae design
Cornaceae Design
Canal Street Collections
Canal Street Collections


Experience the magic and charm of European Christmas markets right here in Port Clinton, OH! Our festive setup promises a captivating winter ambiance, with twinkling lights and a curated collection of unique finds.

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  • What's the best time to visit to avoid crowds?
    Friday afternoons are typically less crowded than weekends. If you're looking to avoid large crowds, it's best to visit during these times.
  • Will the market run in case of bad weather?
    Our holiday market is usually held regardless of weather conditions, but severe weather might cause temporary closures or impact certain stalls or activities.
  • What can I expect to find at the Christmas market?
    You can find a range of items including handcrafted goods, traditional Christmas ornaments, festive food and beverages like mulled wine, seasonal treats, and unique gifts.
  • Can I find vegetarian or vegan food options?
    We offer a range of food stalls, including vegetarian and vegan options. However, it's always best to review our food vendors in advance.
  • What is a Christmas market?
    A Christmas market, also known as Christkindlmarkt or a holiday market, is a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the Advent season, primarily in German-speaking countries.
  • How did the tradition of Christmas markets start?
    The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages in German-speaking parts of Europe. The Dresden Christmas market, which began in 1434, is considered one of the oldest recorded
  • Do vendors accept credit cards, or is it cash only?
    Payment methods vary by vendor. While many accept credit cards, it's a good idea to carry some cash as well, especially for smaller purchases.
  • Are there restroom facilities available?
    Of course! We provide public restrooms.
  • When does the Christmas market start and end?
    We begin in late November, around the start of Advent, and run until mid-December.
  • Is the market accessible for people with disabilities?
    Yes, our Christmas market is accessible, and all are welcome!
  • Can I take photos and videos in the market?
    Yes, personal photography is allowed, but always respect the privacy of others. Some of our holiday market vendors might prefer not to have their stalls photographed, so it's polite to ask for permission first.
  • Can I bring outside food and drink into the market?
    While we allow it, we highly recommend that our visitors purchase food and drinks from the vendors inside to support local businesses.
  • How does the market contribute to sustainability?
    Many vendors have begun incorporating eco-friendly practices, such as using biodegradable plates/cutlery, encouraging reusable bags, and recycling. Check with individual vendors to see their specific sustainability initiatives.
  • What should I wear when visiting?
    Dress warmly! Our Christmas market is an outdoor event, so be sure to check the weather and dress in layers. Comfortable walking shoes are also a must.
  • Is it safe for children?
    Yes, our European holiday market is family-friendly, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on younger children due to crowds.
  • What is the history behind Gideon Owen Wine Company?
    Gideon Owen Wine Company, nestled in the historic heart of Catawba Island, OH, honors a rich tradition dating back over a century. Named after the founder of Catawba Island's 2nd winery, our wine reservations reside on the very land once cultivated by Gideon himself. Our vision is to revive Catawba Island's legacy as a premier wine-growing region and to showcase the exceptional European-inspired vaulted wine cellars, a testament to our ancestors' craftsmanship.
  • What are the options and fees for a Glasshouse dinner reservation?
    Our Gideon Glasshouses offer a unique private dining experience in Gideon Square. For weekdays, the fee is $200 for large Glasshouses (11 to 20 people) and $100 for small Glasshouses (2 to 10 people). On weekends, the fee is $250 for large Glasshouses and $125 for small Glasshouses. These glasshouses provide an intimate setting for Gideon Owen Wine dinner reservations, perfect for gathering with friends and family amidst the picturesque fall scenery.
  • Can I make a reservation for the main dining room?
    Absolutely! We welcome reservations for parties of 1 to 12 in our main dining room, where you can savor our elevated dining experience. Reserve online to secure your spot for an unforgettable dinner amidst the beautiful surroundings of our recently renovated Chalet.
  • What unique features does Gideon Owen Wine Company offer?
    In addition to our renowned Tirage Wine Bar and French Market, we boast the historic Chalet Restaurant and the Gideon Owen Winery. Our campus environment allows guests to immerse themselves in the rich history and agricultural beauty of Catawba Island. We also strive to preserve the island's agricultural green space for future generations.
  • What is the vision of Gideon Owen Wine Company?
    Our vision is ambitious but simple: to reestablish a commercial vineyard with wine production on Catawba Island, thereby reviving its status as a world-class wine region. Our staff and winemakers aim to expose and celebrate our European-inspired vaulted wine cellars and create a wine and dinner campus that reflects the history and agricultural beauty of Catawba Island, all while preserving its green space.
  • Can you accommodate large groups or corporate dinner reservations?
    Yes, we can! We offer a variety of spaces suitable for large groups and corporate dinner reservations. From our spacious main dining room to the exclusive Glasshouses to our tasting room, we ensure a memorable experience for your group amidst the beautiful surroundings of Catawba Island.

Holiday Events

Gideon Tree Lighting | November 24th at 5:30 PM

Owners Quintin and Donna Smith invite you to witness the Lighting of our magnificent 18-foot tree at Gideon Owen! Join us for a heartwarming Champagne toast, marking the start of the festive season.

Allie Market | November 24th From 6 - 9 PM

Allie Market  joins us at the Holiday Market with some festive tunes!

Meet Santa | November 25th from 2 - 4 PM

Santa is spreading cheer at the Gideon Owen Holiday Mart, listening attentively to children's Christmas wishes and capturing joyful pictures with them

Hayden Grove | November 25th From 6 - 9 PM

Hayden Grove joins us at the Holiday Market with some festive tunes!

Ciarra Nichole Photography Walk-up Photo Shoot | November 26th  from 2 - 4 PM

More Info Coming Soon!

North Coast Tempo | December 2nd From 12 - 3 PM

North Coast Tempo Joins us by singing some festive carols at the Holiday Market!

Meet Santa | December 2nd from 2 - 6 PM

Santa is spreading cheer at the Gideon Owen Holiday Mart, listening attentively to children's Christmas wishes and capturing joyful pictures with them

Holiday Wreath Workshop  | December 3rd at 2 PM

Grab your gardening gloves and come join Sarah from Sweet Pea Flower Truck at Gideon Owen to learn how to build your own fresh wintergreens and holiday accented wreath! Built on a grapevine base, this project smells fantastic and will last through the season.  Spots are limited! 

Second Base | December 8th from 6 - 9 PM

Second Base joins up at Holiday Market with the Sounds of the Season! 

Ice Sculpture Demonstration | December 9th at Noon

More Info Coming Soon!

Meet Santa | December 9th from 2 - 4  PM

Santa is spreading cheer at the Gideon Owen Holiday Mart, listening attentively to children's Christmas wishes and capturing joyful pictures with them

Danbury Highschool Choir | December 9th from 4 - 4:45 PM

Danbury Highschool's Choir Brings the festive sounds of the season to the Gideon Owen Holiday Market! 

Guy Snowdon| December 9th From 6 - 9 PM

Guy Snowdon joins us at the Holiday Market with some festive tunes!

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