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Satisfying Your Pizza Craving

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

At Gideon Owen, we love to serve you good food in a casual, relaxing atmosphere. And sometimes, after a long week, you crave a delicious pizza.

Our pizza crust is made in-house daily, and it’s a whole butter-based dough. You’re welcome to build your own pizza, but my absolute favorite at Gideon Owen is the Mediterranean Pizza.

The Peppadew Peppers (small, yellow, tear-shaped peppers that many people mistake for a tomato) give this pizza pie a unique texture that mixes well with salty olives, artichokes, and feta cheese. I suggest pairing it with our G.O. Riesling, a light, crisp, and unlike most Rieslings, dry!

Quin’s favorite pizza is the Meat Lovers. With Pepperoni, Soppressata, Sausage, and Capicola, it’s a Charcuterie Board on pizza dough. Paring this pizza with our G.O. Red Blend (releasing March 1, 2022) will complement all the spice and fattiness of the meats.

For even more deliciousness on the menu, check out the Margherita, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and one you don’t find on many menus, Asparagus Prosciutto. Enjoy!

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