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Gideon Owen, One of the ‘Best Things to Do at the Shores & Islands of Lake Erie’

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Special thanks to 'Breakfast with Nick' for visiting and choosing Gideon Owen as one of the ‘Best Things to Do at the Shores & Islands of Lake Erie!’ Read about his visit and find out what else there is to do during your visit to the lake! Our friends at Twin Oast made the list, too!

It’s been a few years since we’ve stayed at Lake Erie. Our last visit was in 2016, when the folks from Shores & Islands hosted us around the time of Owen’s birthday. He was obsessed with lighthouses at the time, so we visited the structures on the mainland and South Bass Island. This summer we were happy to return to explore more of Port Clinton, Marblehead, Lakeside, Kelleys Island, and Catawba Island, so we present some of the best things to do at the Shores & Islands!

Sip Wines on the Patio at Gideon Owen Wine Company

Regulars to the area will remember the long-running Mon Ami winery on Catawba Island. In 2019 the winery was purchased by Quintin and Donna Smith, who have handsomely refurbished the restaurant, patio, upstairs event space, and the historic winery, and added vineyards. They renamed it Gideon Owen Wine Company in honor of one of the original winemakers on the peninsula.

Quintin gave us a tour of the restaurant, event space, and the original underground wine-making and barreling facilities, still in use today!

The Smiths own Twin Oast Brewing company just up the road, and like that beautiful property, they’ve given Gideon Owen Wine Co. an expansive patio, perfect for catching live music, tasting house wines and cocktails, and feasting on burgers or fresh Lake Erie walleye.

Savor Beer & Pizza on the Patio at Twin Oast Brewing

Before purchasing Gideon Owen Wine Company, Quintin and Donna Smith opened Twin Oast Brewing just up the road on the Catawba peninsula. It’s easy to see why the brewery has become such a popular destination for the area, with massive tiered patios, lawns, firepits, water features, orchards, even a small concert venue.

The brewery is also a full-service restaurant, pairing pretzels, pizzas, tacos, burgers with their house beers.

Twin Oast takes its name from the two iconic towers. Oasts are English hop-drying kilns, and the duo at the brewery were specially built for it as decorative pieces, modeled on actual oasts from overseas. They’re a centerpiece of the stunning, 60-acre property.

Read more about Nick's trip to the Shores & Islands region and view pics here.

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