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Gideon Owen Wine | Premiere Wine Company | Catwaba Island

Gideon Owen Wine Company

Step into a world where tradition meets modern luxury at Gideon Owen Wine Company, a renowned winery on Catawba Island. Just moments away from the scenic Lake Erie Islands, our winery is a celebrated destination for both wine lovers and those looking for a picturesque retreat. Revel in the ambiance of our historic winery, enjoy a relaxing evening by our fire pit, or celebrate life's milestones with us. Our facility, surrounded by the natural beauty of the great Lake Erie shoreline, is the ideal spot for any occasion.


Savor each sip of our exquisite wine offerings. From the bold flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon to the subtle elegance of Chardonnay, each bottle is a testament to our winemaking expertise and tradition.

Are you searching for "food and wine near me" or a "winery near me"? Embark on a culinary adventure with us, a gem nestled near the tranquil shores of Lake Erie in Port Clinton. Our wine cellar and tasting room, boasting a variety of vineyard favorites and gourmet pairings, provide a unique tasting experience. Perfect for a casual outing or a significant trip, our winery, with its stunning vineyard views and expert staff, promises a memorable visit for all guests.

Discover the rich heritage of Gideon Owen Wine, deeply entrenched in the history of Catawba Island Township. From its origins as a historic winery to its evolution into a beloved landmark, our journey showcases our passion for viticulture and community spirit. Tour our expansive grounds, delve into the fascinating winemaking process, and witness our commitment to crafting quality wines with a storied past.


Our venue, with its stunning views of Lake Erie and lush vineyards, offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, each customizable to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding or group event. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our dedicated team ensures your event is as unique as your story. Experience the charm of our vineyard, the elegance of our tasting room, and the warmth of our hospitality, making Gideon Owen Wine Company an unforgettable backdrop for your celebration.

Experience the essence of winemaking with a tour and wine tastings at Gideon Owen Wine Company. Explore our century-old, European-styled wine cellars and gain insight into the artistry of winemaking. Led by our experienced sommeliers, our tours provide an in-depth look at our unique vineyards and the revival of winemaking traditions on Catawba Island. End your visit with a curated tasting flight, showcasing the finest wines that embody the rich legacy of Gideon Owen Wine Company.

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