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Family Dinners, a Smith Family Tradition

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Every Sunday, we try to have a big family dinner together. We started this tradition because we wanted our grandchildren (we have 11 wonderful grandchildren, so far) to create memories, and our four children also felt it was important to stay connected.

I say “try” to have a big family dinner together because, as we all know, the kids are growing up and each family has their own schedule. It sometimes is hard to get together on a regular basis. Still, if someone asks, “Family dinner tonight,” those that can come, do!

Our family dinner tradition is best described as chaos. The grandkids are all under the age of 10, with the youngest being only 5 months.

Our house is a small, renovated fishing cottage. The young kids run around and play under our feet while the older generations stand at the kitchen island and share what happened in their lives that week. We usually have heavy appetizers around the island and an “eat as you can” main course.

Of course, this is all accompanied with adult beverages. I’m a red wine drinker in these cooler months, but those hot summer days call for our Gideon Owen Pinot Gris.

The wine is light bodied with notes of lemon lime, pear, and stone fruits. It’s crisp, easy to drink, and pairs well with light, fresh dishes like salads, chicken, seafood, fish, and mild cheeses. And best of all, it pairs best with fun, family chaos!

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