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Slow Foods Movement Cooking Class was Over-the-Top Success

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Donna Smith of Gideon Owen and Quinstock farm teamed up with Rose Sabin of Roots to Rise Wellness Cafe in our second cooking class on April 20. This class focused on the Slow Foods Movement and included an educational lecture, hands-on cooking, wine and beer pairings and fun swag.

Founded in Italy in 1986, the Slow Foods Movement was born to promote eating quality locally grown foods that are made to nourish the body, replenish the local ecosystem, inspire a slower pace of life and emphasize the joy of eating. An alternative to fast foods, Slow Food living then spread all over Europe and has become a global grassroots movement.

Sabin gave a brief history of the Slow Foods Movement. She included information on how fast food companies have expanded and changed their menu and sizes since fast food companies started in the 1950s. She also included tips on how to shop the grocery store and avoid marketing schemes by companies that promoted processed foods as healthy food options.

Save the Date: Our next cooking class will be Wednesday, September 14.

Smith spoke about how her and husband, Quintin, started Quinstock Farms. She explained that when shopping local produce stands or farmers’ markets the importance of asking questions to know where the food was grown. Participants were encouraged to shop produce that is in-season, try new fruits and vegetables and start their own produce or herb gardens.

The class was split into small groups to get hands-on experience with cooking slow foods. The menu included roasted beets with goat cheese, honey and mint, arugula salad with avocado, soft boiled egg and honey-lime vinaigrette, french ratatouille, chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate truffles. Each course was paired with a Gideon Owen Wine Company wine or Twin Oast Brewing beer.

All participants received an event apron from Roots to Rise and a garden herb swag to take home.

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