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Reimagined event space The Loft opens at Gideon Owen Wine Co.

Renovated room is a 'combination of Old World and modern world'

By Sheri Trusty, Reporter at the Port Clinton News Herald

Printed Online August 21, 2022

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Special thank you to Sheri Trusty for visiting The Loft and sharing the story.

Picture by Sheri Trusty

PORT CLINTON — Holly Miller of Columbus was married on the Gideon Owen Wine Company lawn last year, and her reception was held inside the 150-year-old winery. During the reception, guests were welcome to tour the vintage wine cellar with drinks in hand.

The wedding created a unique experience for the wedding party and guests, but when Holly stepped inside Gideon Owen’s newly renovated event space, The Loft, during an open house on Aug. 13, she could envision what the venue could have added to her wedding reception.

“My wedding was perfect. I have no regrets,” she said. “This just would have been icing on the cake.”

Holly attended the open house with her mother-in-law, Carrie Miller of Catawba. The ladies had been inside The Loft prior to the renovation, when red carpet and dropped ceilings created a dark atmosphere. They were struck, they said, by the transformation, saying the space was brighter and more open.

Picture taken by Sheri Trusty

Changes made in The Loft create a welcoming area

“I didn’t recognize it. It’s stunning,” Carrie said. “I love the rustic elegance.”

True to their ongoing commitment to meld historical preservation with modern progress, Gideon Owen owners Quintin and Donna Smith retained the room’s original limestone walls while adding modern elements to the space.

“It’s a combination of Old World and modern world, with the chandeliers and different kinds of furniture,” said Teresa Moe of Macedonia. “It blends together beautifully.”

Moe attended the open house with Ann Glass, who owns homes in Port Clinton and Medina.

“I was here before the renovations, and it is stunning,” Glass said. “It just looks so modern and so fresh and so beautiful now.”