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Gideon Owen Wine Company Announces the Opening of the NEW Gideon Square

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

As we celebrate 150 years at the winery, we’re excited to announce that Gideon Owen Wine Company will be expanding and creating a new outdoor gathering space, known as Gideon Square. The vision for this space is getting honed and now we are moving forward.

Gideon Square will enhance our guests' year-round outdoor experience by creating a European town square atmosphere, reminiscent of days when people gather, relax and spend time together.

“Our vision for this expansion is to offer unique, immersive experiences for our guests year-round showcasing the wine traditions for more than 150 years. We’re creating warm and inviting places for people to enjoy together. Plus, we want to provide guests from afar an excuse to return to Lake Erie in all seasons,” says owners Donna and Quintin Smith.

A beautiful paver boulevard will provide access from the street to the Gideon Square, which is located north of the winery. Guests will be greeted by a large Plaza beautifully decorated with natural stone pavers reminiscent of the streets in Europe, and a unique water feature.

Surrounding the open-air Plaza, we plan to construct two glass greenhouses, creating a warm, lush green and radiant atmosphere, that can be used in the fall, winter, and spring for community and family events. These gorgeous glass greenhouses are a feature of Gideon Garden Square and will be adorned with tropical plants and floral fragrances to enjoy even in the coldest months of the year. Each one will have comfy seating to sit back, relax and enjoy a new favorite wine.

From the Plaza to the north, there will be the large wood burning, Catawba Limestone fireplace and a comfy lounge area for guests to unwind. To the right and left, guests can gather around gas firepits and enjoy an evening under the stars. Surrounded by a backdrop of trees, it’s the perfect place to gather, sip and relax. We also plan to build a restroom off the garden.

We have already begun construction on the new space, and guests will be able to see it take shape throughout the summer. Gideon Garden Square is set to open in the fall and is the perfect place to gather and celebrate a special occasion or event, too.

The space will also be home to a NEW Holiday Mart scheduled for early December. Watch our communications and save the date for many groundbreaking experiences this year.

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