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A GREAT Gideon Owen Family

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Quin and I are incredibly grateful for our hardworking team at Gideon Owen! Each person is an extension of our family – a family of smart, talented, and diverse people with unique gifts and personalities who have made a direct impact on Gideon Owen’s success and future.

There are many moving parts to the winery – from the Kitchen and Tirage, Chalet and Cellars, to Events and Winemaking, HR and IT, Marketing and Housekeeping, Maintenance and Management – and the magic comes from all of us working together.

Quin and I are appreciative and know that this team isn’t just a good one, it’s a GREAT one! Everyone works hard and cares deeply, and in doing so, has helped preserve the land and history of this building for generations to come.

Employees are an important part of any business, and we’re extremely grateful and proud of our employees! Thank you, G.O. family! We couldn’t do it all without your passion and hard work.

-- Donna and Quintin Smith

Thank you G.O. Family

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