Meet Executive Chef

Taylor Schoenecker


How did you get started cooking?

A. I started cooking at a young age with mom and grandmother. I began to take classes and learned some fundamentals. I developed a passion for food and flavor very young. Then I just dove into the restaurant business at around 16 years old and never looked back. 

Where did you cook at before joining Gideon Owen? 

A. I worked as a chef and corporate operations for one of the largest and successful restaurants groups on the south coast. The group owned 4 premier restaurants. Cola’s (where I was the executive chef for few years). The old pink house in Savannah, Georgia as well as Garibaldi Café in Savannah, and Anson Restaurant in Charleston, SC . Before I worked a few start ups but also worked as chef at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Columbia , 4 diamond historic property for 4 food & beverage venues at the time. Worked at Forest Lake Country Club, one of the most premiere country clubs in the south with an 11 year waiting list. 

From where do you draw your culinary inspiration? 

A. I'd say its drawn from my southern roots and heritage. I enjoy the farm to table aspect. I like working with seafood the most. So being near water is a must and Lake Erie will do just fine. 

What is your most important factor when deciding what goes on the G.O. menu?

A. Definitely taste. Sourcing the right ingredients to bring out the most flavor or whatever the goal is to accomplish.

What about Gideon Owen makes it a special place be the head chef? 

A. I like the idea of working with owners who are also farmers and allow me to dig in the dirt and enjoy that aspect of things. Also being on a sprawling campus with different venues and areas to explore for business expansion and to be able to create for those venues. I still tell my chef friends down south about my job and they don’t believe me. 

Your favorite menu item at Gideon Owen?

A. My favorite menu item is going to be catch of the day, it’s the item on the menu where you can expect to try something that I'm really happy about that week. Whether it's scoring a great domestic fish or using the local product to make the dish shine. It's ever changing and evolving like myself and guaranteed to please. 

Guilty Pleasure Meal? 

A. Without a doubt it’s a fluffer nutter. My parents used to make them for me when I was a kid and literally nothing turns my day around more than peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on some Wonderbread.

Oddest thing you ever ate and actually enjoyed?

A. I think weird is in the eye of the beholder but I've eaten some pretty strange things. Belut is probably the weirdest and I really enjoyed it. It’s a Filipino preparation of a boiled chicken egg embryo. So… its actually has a beak and feet and stuff. And you suck the juice out of the top of the shell. Its weird but its actually really nice and sweet tasting.

Any surprises coming to Gideon Owen This Summer?

A. There are a lot of things to look forward to in the future. Im looking to expand our outdoor events. Some of which I'll keep secret for now but I would look forward to low country boils this summer and maybe some oyster roasts this fall.